1000 animals have been euthanized at Cumberland County Animal Shelter every month for the past thirty-five years.  That sad and shameful practice will continue until we stop the over-population of dogs and cats. There are no homes for these animals. The number of shelter deaths will only increase with the new limits on the number of animals a family may own, and the mandatory county tax collection with Rabies shots. 

Most pet owners would like to stop their animals from having unwanted kittens and puppies, but cannot afford the high cost of spay and neuter. Many animals are never vaccinated for the same reason. However, that is about to change.

"The Big Fix" Veterinary Facility at 2674 George Owen Road had its grand opening on August 4, 2012. It is a non-profit business, owned and operated by Unchain Cumberland County. We will offer affordable vaccinations and a low cost spay and neuter program. We also assist pet families in crisis by providing pet food, people food, toiletries, transportation, resources and education. Everyone is welcome.

We need your help to fund "The Big Fix", which is a grassroots project; the first of its kind in Cumberland County, maybe North Carolina.  We have already subsidized more than eight hundred spay and neuter surgeries, but we must do many, many more if we are to stop the tragedy at our shelter. Our goal is to do forty spay and neuter surgeries per week, every week, and one affordable vaccination event per month. That will cost UCC approximately three thousand dollars per spay and neuter event. We would like to double the number of subsidized surgeries by 2013, or as funding allows.

UCC participates in the NC Department of Agriculture Spay and Neuter program, which is a reimbursement plan. We submit a report to our County Manager once every quarter for the services that qualify. By doing this, we can use the same money over and over and over. However, it takes another six weeks for reimbursement, which means our bank account must cover a period of more than four months. We will continue to participate in fund raising events and continue to apply for grants.

We need donations and sponsors to help with funding for The Big Fix life-saving programs. Any help is greatly appreciated, by both UCC and animals in need. 

UCC – The Big Fix

We ARE making a difference!!!

Shelter Stats – dogs and cats


Entered Shelter – 14,161
Euthanized - 10,085


Entered Shelter – 13,495
Euthanized – 9,401


Entered Shelter – 11,805
Euthanized – 6,874


Entered Shelter – 10,745
Euthanized – 4,733

Our mission is to prevent animals from entering the shelter by helping pet families in crisis. We are making a difference, but adoptable animals are dying at our shelter every day. We can stop the tragedy.

“No Kill by 2020”


 "Our policy is goodwill - No exceptions!" 

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