Spay & Neuter Program - New Price List

Due to changes in the NC spay & neuter program, increasing number of requests for our help, and the high cost of veterinary services, we are no longer able to offer a $25 spay and neuter program.

Spay or Neuter (dog or cat) - $50.00

Spay or neuter dog 75 lbs. or more - contact us for info/pricing

Rabies Vaccination - $10

If your pet is pregnant or in heat at time of surgery, our local veterinarians will charge you an additional $20.00.

There is no extra charge at the Vass clinic.

Applications accepted on Wednesday 10 AM -- 2 PM

2674 George Owen Road, Fayetteville NC 28306

Special thanks to Hope Mills Church of God Sunday School Class and teachers Cynthia and Sue. The children made chew toys for the pets of Big Fix families and delivered them to us on Wednesday, August 11. They met "Louie", a Big Fix Dude, and gave him the first toy. Children learning how to serve the Lord... so sweet.

"...If you do it for the least of mine, you do it for me."
Matthew 25:40

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"There has never been a time in my life that I was not involved in animal rescue."

Volunteer, donate! Please ask how you can help. We are always looking for volunteers!

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Shelby Townsend

Unchain Cumberland County

2674 George Owen Road

Fayetteville, NC 28306

(910) 425-0967

(910) 223-2588


Meet the Founder of UCC


"There has never been a time in my life that I was not involved in animal rescue. There was never a day that I doubted my purpose on this earth. I have never turned away a homeless animal and I never will. However, everything about my purpose changed when I found Rhudy, a Chocolate Lab, on my back porch in 2008, starved and suffering, a chain grown into his scrawny neck. 

 As I treated the gaping wounds, I realized that all my tears and all my heartache would not stop the cruelty; my anger would not punish his abuser. It was Rhudy who changed the direction of my efforts for animal rights. 

 Nothing I’ve ever done before prepared me for “Laws and Ordinances”, certainly not hairdressing and raising a family. However, it seems that I was led by an unseen hand to the right people at the right time to help me stop the cruel and dangerous practice of chaining dogs. Cumberland County now has the best anti-tethering ordinance in the state of NC, which allows no chaining whatsoever. 

It has been an amazing journey and it’s just begun. The best is yet to come… "

-Shelby Townsend



 "Our policy is goodwill - No exceptions!" 

The Big Fix

 The Big Fix

2674 George Owen Road

Fayetteville, NC 28306* 

 Every Wednesday is "Big Fix Outreach" - Stop by and say hello! 

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Free pastries served all day!

*Please do not send donations/correspondence to this address. You can mail those to the PO Box address shown on the "Contact Us" page. Thanks! 

Don't forget to ask about the $50 spay and neuter program for dogs and cats! (Dogs 75 pounds or more will be $100)